Yacht Docking at Asianfast Marine Industries Shipyard Batam

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Asianfast Marine Industries Shipyard – Your Premier Destination for Yacht Repair, Design, and Engineering Expertise ⚓🚢✨

Batam, situated in Southeast Asia, has carved a niche for itself as a hub for marine industries, particularly in shipbuilding, repairs, design, and engineering. Among the top spots for docking your yacht, Asianfast Marine Industries Shipyard in Sekupang Batam stands out. Just a stone’s throw away at less than 18 nautical miles from Singapore’s shores, this shipyard offers a haven for yacht aficionados, complete with exceptional services and facilities.

Asianfast Marine Industries Shipyard is a powerhouse in shipbuilding, repairs, design and engineering. Their range of yacht repair services covers everything from mechanical and engineering needs to bodywork and immaculate yacht coating and painting. They are also well-equipped to handle electrical and retrofit services, as well as interior works, ensuring that every aspect of your yacht receives meticulous attention.

The capabilities of the Asianfast Marine Industries Shipyard are impressive, accommodating vessels up to 12.6 meters in width and a remarkable 300-displacement weight tonnage. They offer floating repair services complemented by an expansive jetty, catering to even larger vessels. The shipyard’s modern amenities, including a 300-ton Cimolai mobile boat hauler and CNC water cutter, underscore their commitment to excellence.

Starting your journey at ONE°15 Marina Nirup Island, the nearest entry point from Singapore, your passage into Indonesian waters is streamlined and efficient. With a commitment to completing the clearance process in under 3 hours, the transition to Asianfast Marine Industries Shipyard is marked by convenience. Covering a mere 7.5 nautical miles, a quick 20-minute motor yacht ride separates Nirup Island Marina from the shipyard.

Nirup Island Marina stands as the quintessential gateway to Batam’s charm. Presently capable of accommodating up to 44 yachts, the marina’s expansion plans promise space for 70 yachts in the near future. While awaiting clearance, indulge in the offerings of Nirup Island Marina, including its Club House, beach club with a bar and pool, and a variety of marina amenities.

In conclusion, whether you’re seeking renowned shipyard services for your yacht’s maintenance or an expedition through the captivating Riau Archipelago, Nirup Island Marina serves as the ultimate entry point. With its unbeatable proximity to Singapore, top-notch facilities, and a streamlined clearance process, your yachting experience is destined for excellence. The collaborative offerings of Batam’s Asianfast Marine Industries Shipyard and Nirup Island Marina present an unmatched gateway to luxury and maritime splendor. For inquiries and berth requests at Nirup Island Marina, click here.

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