Direct Access from Singapore to Nirup Island with Horizon Ferry Group Charter

Singapore to Nirup Island
Traveling from Singapore to Nirup Island has become easier, thanks to Horizon Ferry's direct access.

A tropical island getaway might top the bucket list for many people. Visiting a stunning tropical island does not just provide contentment but also becomes restorative, particularly for those from fast-paced and crowded cities such as Singapore. Now you can travel to a gorgeous tropical island just 20 minutes from Singapore. Introducing Nirup Island, the nearest picturesque island to Singapore. Nirup Island is situated just 8 nautical miles from Singapore’s coast. Direct ferries from Singapore to Nirup Island operated by Horizon Ferry are now available for group charters.

Even though the Westin Hotel’s opening will not take place until the fourth quarter of 2024, you can now visit the stunning Nirup Island every week. We currently have day trips scheduled to Nirup Island every Saturday. To access Nirup Island, we provide group charter ferries directly from Singapore with a minimum of 60 passengers. Booking Horizon Ferry service to Nirup requires at least 2 weeks’ notice. So, if you plan to visit the gorgeous Nirup Island in a group, contact us for more information.

Your trip from Singapore to Nirup Island will become seamless. Not only can you reach this island in 20 minutes via Horizon Ferry, but Nirup Island also has an onsite CIQ office. Nirup Island has a dedicated tourism ferry terminal so international visitors can complete arrival and departure procedures onsite. Since opening in July 2023, they have welcomed many visitors traveling directly from overseas on their yachts. For your information, Nirup Island has a marina with first-class amenities. Nirup Island Marina can currently accommodate up to 44 berths and expects to expand to 70 berths in the next development phase.

When visiting Nirup Island, enjoy the natural beauty. Ride our buggy to explore the island. Most of Nirup Island remains a natural forest where you can spot birds and hear insects. Popular activities also include watersports like kayaking, canoeing, stand-up paddleboarding, and jet skiing. Explore the surrounding sea and mangroves. At the beach club, enjoy the seaside pool and white sand beach.

Plan your Nirup Island holiday now. Choose direct access with Horizon Ferry from Singapore to Nirup Island if you have a group of at least 60. After Westin Nirup officially opens, regular ferry service between Singapore and Nirup will also operate with Horizon Ferry. For individual travel to Nirup Island, book our one-day tour package departing from Harbour Bay Domestic Ferry Terminal in Batam every Saturday. Contact our team with any questions about visiting Nirup Island.


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