6 Days Sailing Itinerary from Nirup Island to Anambas Islands

Sailing to Anambas Island
Set sail for the Anambas Islands and immerse yourself in Southeast Asia's hidden gem.

The Anambas Islands are undoubtedly one of Southeast Asia’s most breathtaking sailing destinations. This captivating archipelago is comprised of 255 small Indonesian islands, with only 26 inhabited, and is part of the Riau Islands Province. The Anambas Islands offer not only stunning landscapes but also fantastic opportunities for snorkeling and diving enthusiasts. Despite their relative proximity to Singapore, these islands have often been overlooked by cruising yachts in the past due to Indonesia’s previously complicated immigration rules for yachts. Thankfully, Nirup Island Marina, under the world-class brand ONE°15 Marina Nirup Island, has now made visiting these idyllic islands more accessible than ever with their seamless clearance procedures.

Embarking on Day One

Setting sail from Nirup Island to the enchanting Anambas Islands has never been easier or more convenient. The archipelago is located just 150 nautical miles northeast of Batam’s Nirup Island, making it possible to sail throughout the year. However, for calmer sea conditions and optimal experiences, it is advisable to visit between April and October during the dry season. With a well-planned sailing itinerary in hand, you will embark on a 30-hour journey to reach the Anambas Islands.

Day Two: Arriving at Ritan Island

As you near the spectacular Archipelago on Day Two, we recommend stopping at Ritan Island first. Located at 2.61364° N and 106.2776° E, this island offers a tranquil spot for overnight stays and even night dives (with advanced open water certification). Take this opportunity to rest after your long journey before setting off to explore the remaining hidden gems of the Anambas Islands.

Day Three: Exploring Ritan Island and Sailing to Lintang Island

On Day Three, immerse yourself in the beauty of Ritan Island through swimming, snorkeling, or diving (with open-water certification). Once you’ve had your fill of this picturesque location, set sail for Lintang Island, an idyllic spot just two hours away. Anchor your yacht and spend the night on this serene island located at 2.71863° N and 106.25939° E.

Day Four: Island Hopping around Lintang Island

The fourth day of your adventure calls for island hopping by dinghy. Discover the uninhabited islands surrounding Lintang Island, such as Pulau Semut, Pulau Kosong, Pulau Ular, and Pulau Hiu. Revel in the seclusion of these untouched islands as if they were your very own private sanctuaries. These pristine locations offer crystal-clear waters perfect for paddleboarding and soaking in their natural beauty.

Day Five: Farewell to Anambas Islands

On Day Five, it’s time to bid farewell to the breathtaking Anambas Islands as you prepare to sail back to Nirup Island. The journey from the Anambas archipelago to Nirup Island takes 30 hours of non-stop sailing. On Day Six, you will arrive on Nirup Island to complete the necessary clearance documents for exiting Indonesian waters. Afterward, you can set sail back to your country. In fact, six days of exploring the Anambas Islands are not enough. With hundreds of beautiful islands, a longer stay is recommended. You can even explore further north in the Anambas archipelago.


If you’re planning to explore the Anambas Islands again, you can consider our marina in Nirup Island, ONE°15 Marina Nirup Island, as your home base for your boats. We offer top-class facilities and amenities and prioritize the safety of your boat during berthing in our marina. Additionally, there will be a direct ferry service from Singapore to Nirup Island in the near future, reducing the journey time to just 20 minutes. This fantastic service by Horizon Ferry will provide easy access for you to explore the thousands of exotic islands in the Riau Islands province.

By choosing ONE°15 Marina Nirup Island as your berthing location, you won’t need to go through the clearance procedure every time you want to explore the Riau Islands; you’ll just require a cruising permit. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more detailed information about our marina. We’re here to assist you with any inquiries you may have.

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Explore Nirup Island © 2023 All rights reserved

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