The unveiling of a strategic management agreement between PT. Tritunas Sinar Benua and Westin Hotels and Resorts

Westin Nirup Island (6)
The architectural essence of Westin Nirup Island Spa and Resort is a testament to the area's vibrant indigenous heritage, beautifully embodied in the villa's roof reminiscent of the iconic headgear worn by the Orang Laut community.

Tritunas Sinar Benua, the developer of Nirup Island Resort, has entered into a partnership with renowned hospitality brand Westin Hotels. This collaboration marks a significant milestone for both companies and is set to add unprecedented value in elevating Nirup Island to a new height. Targeted to be completed in Q4 2024, the Westin Nirup Island Spa and Resort will be the fourth Westin property in Indonesia.

The Westin Nirup Island Spa and Resort offer a total of 94 hotel rooms and 52 villas, along with a vast array of facilities such as the Sunset Bar and the infinity pool that is perched on the peak of Nirup Island. This vantage point offers a breathtaking view of the surrounding islands as well as Singapore’s skyline. The architectural design of Nirup Island is inspired by the region’s rich local culture, reflected via the villa’s roof inspired by the traditional headgear of the Orang Laut people.

Upon Nirup Island’s grand opening, guests will be spoiled for choice with a plethora of facilities, ranging from the Beach Club, One 15 Club House, and Sea Sports Center, to the various dining options available. The island’s marina and ferry terminal are currently operational and open to the public. CIQ (Customs and Immigration) is available on the island, welcoming yachts from abroad while offering a seamless processing experience, making it convenient for guests to access the island.

The strategic management agreement between PT. Tritunas Sinar Benua and Westin unlock a world of opportunities, ensuring the property stands out and achieves long-term success. Westin Nirup Island Spa and Resort are set to become a premier destination in the Sumatra region. As Q4 2024 approaches, anticipation grows and soon, visitors will be able to experience the epitome of luxury, relaxation, and the natural beauty of Nirup Island.

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