Navigating Nirup Island: A Boat Owner’s Guide to Serene Seclusion

Celebrating the Grand Opening of ONE°15 Marina Nirup Island and Nirup Island International Ferry Terminal on 8 July 2023

Welcome to Nirup Island, a tropical haven that beckons with its beauty and promises an unforgettable escape just a stone’s throw away from Sentosa Island, Singapore. Boasting a strategic location as the closest checkpoint to enter Indonesia’s waters from Singapore, Nirup Island offers a wealth of experiences to delight every traveler. From its premier marina, proudly managed by the esteemed ONE°15 Marina brand, to its world-class marina management services, Nirup Island sets the standard for excellence in the maritime domain.

Explore the pristine white sand beach, and indulge in the beach club’s luxurious amenities, including a refreshing swimming pool and a delectable seafood restaurant. And that’s not all! The island’s allure is set to soar further with the upcoming addition of a 5-star accommodation managed by Westin, boasting 96 hotel rooms and 38 hotel villas, ensuring a stay that epitomizes comfort and opulence.

Getting to Nirup island

Nirup Island is conveniently situated just 8 nautical miles away from Sentosa Island, Singapore. For boat owners, embarking on this exciting journey takes less than an hour of cruising from Singapore’s shores. Feel the gentle sea breeze as you sail toward your dream getaway.

Our ONE°15 Marina on Nirup Island ensures a smooth and efficient clearance process for visitors. Rest assured; your travel experience will be hassle-free from the moment you set sail. The island itself is facilitated by the CIQ office, making the arrival process even more convenient. The marina offers berthing facilities for up to 44 yachts, with plans to expand to 70 yachts in the next development phase, accommodating more sea enthusiasts and travelers.

Coordinates of Nirup Island

Latitude: 1.1264° N
Longitude: 103.8272° E

For more detailed information or to inquire about berthing options, don’t hesitate to contact our friendly marina reception.

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